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New: Upload and Resize Images with Aspect Ratio

  Date: 16-05-2006 10:11:20 PM
This script will show you how to Upload and Resize Images and keep Aspect Ratio. It will resize the image width to a specific pixels e.g (150px) and keep the height ratio. The script needs the GD library to function very will.

Download Here

Users Login System with email validation Ver. 1.2

  Date: 18-09-2006 10:39:14 PM
Last Update: 26-APR-2008
A Users Login System (with remember me option) based on PHP/MySQL version 1.2 is now available for download. It includes a registration, login and forgot password form + admin page to manage users.



  1. All functions are listed in one file (login, register, logout).
  2. Stored passwords are encrypted (MD5).
  3. A welcome email with username and password will be sent to newly registered users.
  4. based on cookies - two options when you login (one session ends once you close the browser and another will keep you logged in for two weeks "Remember me option").
  5. users will know their last login IP and time.
  6. error messages will appear next to field.
  7. users can edit their information (change password, email, name ... etc).
  8. admin page to manage users (delete/edit/email users).
  9. email all users.
    Download Here || Demo is Here


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